RTO Registration of CNG Cars

RTO Registration of CNG Cars

Register Your CNG Car in RTO Before Driving !

Government of India has permitted use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as automotive fuels. Accordingly, provisions related to emission, safety, installation and other requirements for permitting such conversion are also notified under Rule 115 of CMVR.

The permits shall be subject to the conditions/provisions as laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and rules subject to the conditions/directions laid down by the STA, Delhi from time to time. Further, terms and conditions of specific schemes will be additional permit conditions for the permit granted under the particular scheme.

The permit holder will follow all the general conditions attached to permit under Section 84 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988.


For Endorsement of CNG in Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Insurance certificate of the vehicle

Identity proof of the vehicle owner

Valid Pollution Under Control Certificate attested by a notary

Duly filled Form 20 along with the imprint of chassis number and cylinder number.

Application for endorsement of CNG fuel in Registration Certificate for CNG fuel endorsement on RC copy

Invoice of CNG retro-fitment

CNG Kit Type - Sequential / Open Loop / Closed Loop Certificate

Check list as per AIS-024 TO AIS-028 certified by the retrofitter.

Copy of CNG cylinder certificate issued by Dept. Of Explosives, Nagpur with certification by retro fitter

Copies of side &Top view of approved layout drawings/ plans approved by designated testing agency duly certified by retro.

Undertaking as per format form which is there with Installation center that Kit is Installed as per approved layout plan and complies.


Physical Inspection of Vehicle

After Document Submission, Physical Inspection of Vehicle is even done in some RTO - where RTO Officer will verify the Kit including Kit Certificate and other details - matching with records.

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