CNG Gas Kit Maintenance

CNG Gas Kit Maintenance

Maintain Your CNG Car with BMY & Company, Jaipur !

There has been a huge increase in the number of people purchasing CNG cars since the last decade. CNG Cars could be very efficient when it comes to money-saving, but you have to maintain your car time to time as your petrol car and BMY & Company provides you a better fitment & maintenance for your CNG Car.

People think that CNG cars are very difficult to maintain. It is not so difficult. All you have to do is take some care as compared to petrol cars, which we do here in Best way. Let us have a look at some of the ways to maintain your CNG car.


Checks for Using CNG Car

Keep Fuel Mode in Auto :- In this Mode Engine starts in Petrol and automatically changes to CNG after reaching warming up condition.It enhances the Engine Life. Generally - after initial 1.5 Km - 2 Km - it automatically switches to CNG Mode.

Park Under Shades :- If you Stay in Hot Climate like North India - its better to park car under shades - been CNG has faster evaporation due to gasoline nature than Liquid Fuel like Petrol or Diesel. Parking Car under Shades can prevent evaporation of gas due to heat.

CNG Compliance Plate Renewal :- Get Compliance Plate renewed every 3 yrs. It basically involves inspection of CNG Cylinder for leakage, fitment and is a legal requirement.


Maintenance of CNG Car

BMY & Company is promoted to serve both the country and its citizens.

Apart from regular servicing of Car with Change of Oils & Filters, Periodic Inspection - its important to have CNG Car Serviced as per recommended service schedule and have below items replaced or cleaned on regular basis.

1. Air Filter Cleaning & Replacement - BMY & Company advise to clean Air Filter cleaned every 6 month and get Air Filter replaced every 12 month. its advisable to replace every 10,000 Kms in CNG Car.

2. Throttle Body Cleaning - Basically, Throttle body is a valve which connect between air filter and Intake. We highly recommended to get Throttle Body Cleaned once every 10000 Kms if you driving on CNG.

3. Spark Plug Cleaning & Replacement - Spark Plug needs to be cleaned periodically. BMY & Company says, BMY & Company advise, Cleaning every 12 months and preponing the replacement at 20,000 Kms in CNG Car are best suited for car performance and pickup.

4. CNG Reducer Filter Cartridge - To be replaced every 20,000 Kms. Its of utmost importance to replace CNG Filter for continuing life of Engine and Pickup in the car. The Cartridge if remain unchanged can lead to substantial loss of Power in Car.

5. CNG Low Pressure Filter Cartridge - According to BMY & Company, it should be replaced every 40,000 Kms . Its also important to change low pressure cartridge filter in CNG Car.

6. Additional Maintenance - BMY & Company recommends, Do not miss on CNG Leak test in every Service, Additionally - if the car RPM goes high - can also go in for Tapet Adjustment.

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